With Love, From Paul

November 8, 2011 - Leave a Response

Dear Rose.
I am sorry.
– Paul.



Summing Up

June 30, 2010 - One Response

At 6.15am this morning
I saw a white butterfly
in Changi Airport Terminal 2

The Butterfly Park
was at Terminal 3.

And so have I
Wandered thus far
to where I will be tomorrow.

And guess what?
The end is nowhere nigh.

It goes on – Robert Frost..


May 14, 2010 - Leave a Response

Words thrown about loosely.

Each slicing slowly the doe-eyed innocent.
A banter denying her any redemption..

What monstrosity beneath his gentle skin.
Yet, what beauty hides in this beast.
Why such actions from this naive hands?

Rage unfounded burning his being within.
Nothing left but a tired charred grump.
Scurrying, scampering a search goes in vain.
Where lies that illusive answer?

No sleep for you, tonight
Chuckles the cold wizard.
Ah but wise one, remember your curse is such,
a revealing light upon
Monsters that lie beneath us all.

No malice in this chalice.
No mercy from the free.
No apology in this soliloquy.
No hate from the irate.
Yet, no glee for him to see.
Hatchets don’t get buried so easy.

The appROACHing hour(s)

May 5, 2010 - One Response

The Witching Hour creeps upon us,
Scurrying into their concrete caves of oblivion;
Shutting doors of timber and their minds,
The Titans think they leave an empty space of darkness behind..

Empty.. EMPTY?!

Hear ye, Brother Roaches, Come out!
Time belongs not to the wretched witches,
But us.
Why, then, this cowering fear?
We have seen time from the terrible lizards, Comrades!
Let fear belong to them: the ignorant giants.

Come out, Amigos!

Our time is now and has been forever.

Let us Revel.

The Parthian Bow by Claresta Lim, Thashalan R, Ryan Ang, C Ramesh

May 5, 2010 - Leave a Response

A response to Cavafy’s Ithaka/Ithaca.

Through tumultuous waters and ungodly silence
Poseidon has now come to rest.
Earth burns beneath the feet and
Inching towards strange and lucid fortresses.

Yet, the new embarkment is none too ferocious
beside golden memories of which I reminisce.
Reigning in gratitude for the
Scythian basins of life and knowledge –
Transient Aphrodites and blooming Athenas,
Mere few paths of the embodied journey.

Warriors beside the determined heart
While foxes beckon in the night.
Fruits that bear only on watered grounds,
Now do I see.

Cosmos that spell volumes
Though speaketh the healing wounds
That transformed my very existence.

Sensual experiences encapsulated
into one dimension.
Never too unfamiliar.

Ithaka, have we arrived?