The Ink Man’s Reminder

(Prologue: This was due on New Year’s Day, Talk abt being in Limbo haha,
WRT to the PostBox Vandal. Is this all we have become?
Stomp addicts. Photo shooters.
For that matter. What would I have done had I been there?)

A new birth marred by a masked vandal
Scarring deeper than his inkwork..
Indeed he went postal on our asses.

The new decade brings forth the hushed memory
of Kitty’s death.
Angry bystanders watching in pitiful inaction
Caught in Hamlet’s limbo, To do or not to do.
Maybe let’s just wait, someone else will.

But the people did.
Hiding behind their focal lenses
they shot.
The masked marauder enjoying his devilish deed,
as if taunting, “Catch me if you can,
Punish me like you did Fay!”

When finally the mask is stripped off,
A corporate plea for attention reveals.
Nevertheless, spraying a sad picture..
And as we enter the 2nd decade,
His work reminds us..
Of what we’ve become..
Of what we have always been perhaps.


2 Responses

  1. “Maybe lets just wait. Someone else will.”

    Deceptively simple poem but really a harsh reality – a reminder that perhaps will sadly be forgotten by most anyway. I wonder how many people can read this not as words but as a feedback onto themselves. Not many, I count. Maybe that’s what we’ve become. Maybe that’s what we’ve always been.

    • How to save a life. To take that first step. Or not. Hahaha. Perhaps ol’ Shakes managed to sum up human nature with Whiny Hamlet.

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