Let’s Get Crunched

One last time The Crunchmen will gather
this Starry Night.
No Code of Ethics, No Consolidation.
None of that Business.
It’s time to close the accounts,
Ladies and Gentlemen,
The Deficit of Mirth will be Reconciled

The Bandsman leads the Countdown.
Teasing his merry men as they march wearily

11 days: Get Excited
9 days: Get Psyched
7 days: Get Ready

Even Wise Beard, Lame and cheering by the sides
Sneakily shooting a spark into the air:
7 days till the roof burns.

Let’s get flustered, the wayward Bandsman chuckles,
crunching his numbers night after night.

Fear Not.
7 dusks from now
Look to the big steps
There, The Crunchmen’s Army will arrive.
Standing Arm to Arm with Allies from
Stamford to Bencoolen


One Response

  1. And that the things that pronounce us different shall stand in shame, peeking as the potpourri lights up in one flame – Thash, 2010

    We will begin the night as boys but end up as men. the final leg to our transformation. – Jo Ho, 2010

    And yes, the Bandsman will play his tune and dance to the rhythm of the tambourine. Merrily. Into the night. – Fadz, 2010

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