The appROACHing hour(s)

The Witching Hour creeps upon us,
Scurrying into their concrete caves of oblivion;
Shutting doors of timber and their minds,
The Titans think they leave an empty space of darkness behind..

Empty.. EMPTY?!

Hear ye, Brother Roaches, Come out!
Time belongs not to the wretched witches,
But us.
Why, then, this cowering fear?
We have seen time from the terrible lizards, Comrades!
Let fear belong to them: the ignorant giants.

Come out, Amigos!

Our time is now and has been forever.

Let us Revel.


One Response

  1. Cockroaches are blind.

    Anyway you were saying sometime back about how traditional poets would find your poems rubbish. When poetry really started off, Aristotle described them to be drama-comedy, satyr, tragedy, lyric, epic poetry and the dithryamb which is kinda a hymn apparently. It never focused on structure or rhyme, but rather on drama and the creation of a particular element conveyed across. In essence it was poetics (drama) vs rhetorics.

    Subsequently structure started to take form, and hence developed verse form and rhyme. Verses had lines, or slokas for mahabharatham and ramayanam. The earliest rhyming poems though are only dated back to 10th century BC. I believe poems existed before that. Rhyming in European poetry took shape from the 12th century AD onwards only.

    So to comment on what you said, if we look back at the raw soil of poetry, it’s simply about using language aesthetically to convey a particular quality and emotion. Your poems do that.

    V: Politicians use lies to cover the truth. Artists use lies to tell the truth.

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